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New Urbanism NC

New Urbanism

"New Urbanism" promotes that traditional urban neighborhood patterns are better than modern, conventional suburban development plans at creating community, protecting the environment, and providing a superior quality of life. New Urbanism is outlined in the following points:

  • Re-establish the corner store: Neighbors can meet, share a meal, or pick up groceries without getting in the car.

  • Narrow streets in a connected network: A network of narrow streets connects the neighborhood and distributes and slows traffic.

  • Garages in the rear connected by lanes: Avoid garage-scapes by placing the prettiest part of homes out front and relegate garages to the back alleys.

  • Mix of Turn-of-the-Century Housing Styles and Sizes: A variety of architecture and a wide range of home prices make the neighborhood more diverse and interesting.

  • Tree lined streets: Use of maples, oaks, and other large trees to provide natural beauty and shade for walkers.

  • Create a Village Center: Greet your neighbors while doing your daily shopping.

  • Sidewalks that Go Somewhere: Stroll to parks, the waterfront, the corner store, recreation, the town center, your neighbor's house, and more on walking and biking routes.

  • Village Green, Parks, and Recreation: Children need to have a place to meet and play, too!

  • Buildings Placed Close to the Street: Add porches and verandas on the front of homes so you can greet your neighbors as they walk by!

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Endorsed by the NC Governor's Task Force on Smart Growth as the "cutting edge" in Traditional Neighborhood Design.